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Running Example

To illustrate this tutorial, we will use a running example. 

This is an actual example.  Every detail corresponds to an actual software project at an actual business. 

[All the names have been changed.  The names are all fictitious.   Any resemblance to the name of an actual party is definitely not intended.]

The Bank of California provides the service of acting as custodian for the bonds of securities dealers, clearing bond trades for these dealers, and arranging financing for their bond inventories.  Each trading day the Bank clears about five hundred billion dollars of securities trades for its customers.

Modesto Securities is a primary dealer in US Treasury securities.   Modesto buys newly issued bonds at auctions held by the USA Bureau of the Public Debt and distributes these bonds to the public at a markup.  It also makes a market in these bonds, buying and selling the bonds as a service to its customers and to make a trading profit for itself.  Modesto uses the services of Bank of California.

Treasury bonds are no longer evidenced by a paper document.   Instead, a bond is kept in book entry form at one of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks.  The head office of the Bank is in the Great Central Valley of California, and the bonds it handles are kept on the books of the Federal Reserve Bank of Oakland, on the beautiful San Francisco Bay.


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