Utility Trailer

A sturdy trailer with a California permanent trailer license

This utility trailer has a permanent California license.
Tail, brake and turn signal lights and a license plate light.
4-way flat plug and an adapter for a round plug.

Thanks to Craig's List the trailer has been sold.

The trailer is 11 ft long overall, including the hitch.
The box is 40 inches wide inside, 8 ft long, with 4 ft sides.
It has a 4' fold down ramp in the back.

The hitch is a 2 inch ball Valley 5111 Class II hitch:
MGTW 3,500 pounds, tongue weight 300 pounds.

Here is a side view.

Here the tail is closed.

Here it is open.

The hinge works, but you may want to repair it.

Here is a view from the front.


With the jack swung up for travel.

The jack down to lift the trailer off the hitch.

The undercarriage:

Heavy duty frame; full size 15 inch tires.

The box has a strong frame of rectangular steel tubing.
The floor and sides are half-inch plywood, bolted on:

(The angle iron shown can be used to hold a divider.)

A bolt holding the plywood, shown from the outside:

A few of the bolts have pulled through.
A washer will fix this problem.

Here is the same place repaired.

You may eventually want to replace
at least the plywood on the front.