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a story


My dad and friends on the deck:


Mom at the top of Vernal Falls


With my brother on the set of White Men Can't Jump


Hiking in the high Sierra:


Joaquin Murietta:


A movie about his brother, Alejandro Murietta:

(well, sure, of course not.  it's just a movie.)


My cousin, Sam Bass, deputy sheriff of Denton County, Texas.

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Book         Encylopaedia Article   

The Sam Bass Fire Department

His grave in Round Rock:

Data on the gravesite    Another version of history

Link to a movie about Sam and Calamity Jane.

Gabby Hayes' version of the story.


Map of California

The small one, magnitude 4, three miles from our house

See the latest earthquake map


Route to the Miller Ranch, Jackass Ridge Road, Coulterville

The grasslands around Murietta, California

Gold Country towns ........ Mariposa County

Coulterville         Hotel Jeffery 

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After one of the very rare snowfalls:

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Looking west in the morning:

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And in the evening:

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After visiting Jackass Ridge, head on up to Yosemite

(source of this fine photo)



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