1945 GMC Panel Truck

Model CC 101  Serial 22133
228 cu. in.  OHV straight 6
Engine number 228I28823 (no VIN)
1/2 ton     GVW  4,600 lb.
Commercial Plates  Class AH

A restoration project

I bought this truck in Berkeley, California on a Tuesday in the mid-seventies, and on Friday we were at Willie Nelson's place in Drippin' Springs, Texas.  I drove it across the south, thru the Cumberland Gap, and then back through the midwest and over the Rockies.  Since then it has had a new generator and carburetor, an original front fender to replace one with some crumpling, new tires, and then a complete rebuild, by a master, of the original overhead valve 6 cylinder engine.  But the exhaust manifold developed a crack.  The gentleman who said he could repair it disappeared after removing it, leaving the manifold in two pieces.  I put the truck in a garage and it has been stored there for almost twenty years.  I moved it to my front yard the last week of October 2004.

In addition to the dried up seals, the truck needs some very minor dent removal on one of the rear doors and some more on the other front fender.  There is some rot at the bottom of the doors and around the windsheild.  Also some rust under the roof racks.  The rocker panels and the rest of the body is sound. 

The truck belonged to a painter and has custom racks on top and several coats of house paint.   The front metal floor is in excellent shape.  The metal strips of the rear floor are good; the wood flooring is sound, though used by house painters.  I have almost all of the original body parts, including the essential front running light glass lenses.  The taillight lens is missing (unless i find it).  I have the original key.

The truck is all original except for the generator and carburetor. But a few parts seem to be hidden in my basement.  I had the generator rebuilt on the road in Texas, but it gave out again later on the trip and i replaced it. I doubt the part is identical to the original. However, i have the original generator.   I also replaced the original carburetor with a Carter. Otherwise all original. To the best of my knowledge, i have to say, not being an expert. But certainly the engine, tranny, driveshaft, and rear end are original. The guy who rebuilt the engine knew these vehicles and actually worked on the connection of the tranny to the closed driveshaft, replacing a part with a new, still in the box part that he had in his shop. This part is not factory original; it is an original aftermarket part that was designed for this specific drivetrain, to stop oil leakage from the tranny into the closed driveshaft.

There is more detail on the parts on the photos page.   See the link below.

The truck rolls and steers fine.  The emergency brake works well; holds the truck on a 25%grade.  The service brake pedal, after twenty years in the garage, goes right to the floor.

The truck has California title, but has not been registered since it was put in storage in 1986

See photos by clicking this link. (2.57 MB) 

The truck has been sold.  The buyer picked up the truck in early 2005, trailered it home, and reports the engine purrs.   I expect some more photos from him, and will post them here.

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* It turns out this truck was built in 1945, not '46.
On DMV records this was a 1946 year model, but







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