3 Definitions

For the purposes of this Recommendation | International Standard, the following definitions apply.

3.1 Definitions from other documents

There are no definitions from other documents in this Recommendation | International Standard.

3.2 Background definitions

3.2.1 Distributed processing: Information processing in which discrete components may be located in different places, and where communication between components may suffer delay or may fail.

3.2.2 ODP standards: This Reference Model and those standards that comply with it, directly or indirectly.

3.2.3 Open Distributed Processing: Distributed processing designed to conform to ODP standards.

3.2.4 ODP System: A system (see 6.5) which conforms to the requirements of ODP standards.

3.2.5 Information: Any kind of knowledge, that is exchangeable amongst users, about things, facts, concepts and so on, in a universe of discourse.

Although information will necessarily have a representation form to make it communicable, it is the interpretation of this representation (the meaning) that is relevant in the first place.

3.2.6 Data: The representation forms of information dealt with by information systems and users thereof.

3.2.7 Viewpoint (on a system): a form of abstraction achieved using a selected set of architectural concepts and structuring rules, in order to focus on particular concerns within a system.