14 Management concepts

Management in ODP is concerned with overall systems management, including application management and communication management.

14.1 Application management: The management of applications within an ODP system. Some aspects of applications management are common to all applications and are termed application independent management. Those aspects which are specific to a given application are termed application specific management.

14.2 Communication management: Management of objects which support the communication betwen objects within an ODP system.

14.3 Management information: Knowledge concerning objects which are of relevance to management.

14.4 Managed role: The view of the management interface of an object which is being managed within an ODP system.

NOTE - Where the object provides OSI communication services, OSI Management refers to the management interface as a managed object.

14.5 Managing role: The view of an object which is performing managing actions.

14.6 Notification: An interaction initiated by an object operating in a managed role.